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Delicate designs with an illustrative edge - highly detailed surface pattern and illustration, inspired by life and created with love. Sarah Fleming is a graduate of Cleveland College of Art & Design, where she studied Textiles and Surface Design, specialising in design for the home furnishings and greetings market. Inspired by the detail and beautiful patterns found in nature and her surroundings, Sarah is motivated to achieve beautiful, highly informative observational drawings. She showed an interest in Art from a very early age and has developed a great passion for Textiles and Surface Design. This huge passion spurs her on to work extremely hard, full of enthusiasm to create new and exciting design ideas. Sarah has developed a detailed, tight drawing style which helps her to achieve her beautiful observational drawings. However, she is also able to work in a very sketchy, illustrative style too - showing her as a very versatile designer, capable of adapting where relevant to confidently produce designs for both the commercial and more niche markets. For work enquiries please contact Sarah at sarahfleming11@hotmail.com

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Professional Practice

As part of my Professional Practice module, I have to put together a press pack to send out with job/placement/internship applications.
This includes business cards, CVs, personal statements and other promotional items.
I have been really busy putting some things together and have uploaded a few images for you to have a sneak peek at, enjoy!!

Business card 1

Business Card 2

Business Card 3

Compliment slips

Compliment slips

Professional CV

Monday, 20 February 2012

Exciting News!

Today I have had interest from a Photography student at CCAD with regards to collaborating with him. He is interested in my circle designs that I put together (see here) to add into some of his photographs for his FMP, which may then be displayed in a gallery in London!
This is all still in its initial stages but its a very exciting prospect, will keep you all posted!

But anyway, I have been working back in my sketchbook with my new colour palette to further develop my designs. I have included a few little photos below...

And so today I mixed up new pigments for my new colours and have been experimenting in the print rooms with two of my designs printing some A2 wallpaper samples.
Pigments include standard, opaque, metallic and pearl so far but I plan to introduce foils and flock in areas once I start to add more detail.

This design is just the initial linear pattern which needs the centres adding in by hand, but I still think it looks really effective as it is!

This design still has another colour separation to be added which is the linear detail of the petals of the flowers, but again I think the silhouettes of the flowers joined together look quite effective as they are!

I am not happy with the brightness of the green on this design, I feel it is a little sickly and does not compliment the other colours well so I will be developing this tomorrow once I am back in the print rooms!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Currently love...

Fresh colour palettes and geometric patterns by Kirath Ghundoo

Colours from Sanderson designs

Geometric patterns by Minakani Walls

Abstract designs by Lorna Syson

Pattern and colour by Graham & Brown

Beautiful florals with stylized motifs by Eijffinger

Friday, 17 February 2012

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Practice Prints

Today I finished 3 koda traces, coated and exposed my screens and produced some initial prints. I am really happy with the outcome of these as the designs have exposed correctly so I am keen to get on printing different colourway ideas tomorrow - so keep a look out for more info!

Koda trace
This design has 4 colour separations but above shows two of the koda traces. I really like the pattern created with the silhouettes of the flowers linked together. It looks quite retro and abstract.

I put together the three koda traces I finished ready to expose them and noticed the quirky design created with the linear pattern in the background behind the silhouettes. This could be something for me to keep in mind when screen printing, perhaps layering up some of my designs to see what different effects I can produce!

Linear floral design initial print to check for blockages and pinholes
I am really pleased with the outcome!

I worked further into one of the motifs to add detail and see how it would look finished.
I definitely need to play around with different colours for the lines but I think that the centre looks great! I am really enjoying experimenting with my little diamantes and glitter :)

Abstract florals initial print to check for blockages/pinholes
Unfortunately this print did not come out as successfully as I had hoped the first time; I did not add enough pressure for each pull-through so the pigment did not come through in areas.
The colours are just pigments that I had left over from my previous project so I will be using different ones for my wallpapers but I am still happy with how the design looks!

What do you think?
I love to read your comments and welcome feedback!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Glitter and sparkles

And this is what kept me busy over the weekend!
Design development for wallpaper is where I really feel comfortable. I love to explore with colour and media, being creative and innovative. I quite like the 'unfinished' style on my development sheets which I may take through into some of my final pieces as it would give another interesting aspect to my designs.

My designs above include media from Derwent pencils and some gorgeous goodies from Josyrose.com, including diamantes and fine glitter. They are brilliant quality and add such a lovely sparkle to my work for that extra special finish!

Design development

Here's a little peek at what I have been busy with over the past week

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Beautiful canvas imagery

I also created canvases to accompany my wallpaper design.
For one of them I digitally printed a photograph onto fabric and stretched it around the frame.
The photographs are of beautiful scenery taken on a trip to Scotland which I have manipulated using Photoshop. I am really pleased with how all of them have turned out! Not only are they great for canvases but cards, postcards, framed artwork, canvas bags - (Oooh now there's an idea...)