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Delicate designs with an illustrative edge - highly detailed surface pattern and illustration, inspired by life and created with love. Sarah Fleming is a graduate of Cleveland College of Art & Design, where she studied Textiles and Surface Design, specialising in design for the home furnishings and greetings market. Inspired by the detail and beautiful patterns found in nature and her surroundings, Sarah is motivated to achieve beautiful, highly informative observational drawings. She showed an interest in Art from a very early age and has developed a great passion for Textiles and Surface Design. This huge passion spurs her on to work extremely hard, full of enthusiasm to create new and exciting design ideas. Sarah has developed a detailed, tight drawing style which helps her to achieve her beautiful observational drawings. However, she is also able to work in a very sketchy, illustrative style too - showing her as a very versatile designer, capable of adapting where relevant to confidently produce designs for both the commercial and more niche markets. For work enquiries please contact Sarah at sarahfleming11@hotmail.com

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I'm a 'Success Story' !

I just wanted to share with you some really exciting news.
I received an email yesterday for a tutor from my old college, Park Street in Hull, informing me that they have featured me on their Textiles section of the website as a 'Success Story'.
I am so thankful to them and really proud. I would not be where I am today if it was not for the great tutors that I had there; their support and faith in me was amazing then and still is now.
Thank you!

You can see the feature in full here   :) 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Today I have...

... been busy playing around with different design ideas, trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and create designs that are unusual and interesting to the eye. 
During my degree, I tended to stay safe and trust my hand drawing skills to create intricate repeats. So now that I have some time, I am keen to further my CAD skills to create more complicated, eye-catching designs.

NYC Skyline

  I took some really nice images from the top of the Empire State Building looking across New York City late at night so I have been looking to use them in some design work.
These are some quick repeats put together by mirroring the photographs so that the patterns flows fluidly.
The designs on the right are the original photographs in repeat, but the ones of the left are created using the 'invert' tool on Photoshop. I love the contrast it creates; one click of a button and it creates another beautiful patterns that are completely different to the original. 


The original image for this design was a close up of tree park from Central Park during my trip to NYC in April. 
I mirrored the image and put it into a block repeat then experimented with the hue/saturation tools on Photoshop to create these pieces. 

Backing Cloth 

This design uses an image i took during my time in the print rooms creating my FMP wallpaper designs at CCAD. At first glance, some people would not think to use things like this to create designs but I think there is something really interesting about the marks and colours left on backing clothes.


 Very much inspired by the gorgeous CAD designs by Catalina Estrada, these designs are bold and beautiful. I am very happy with the outcome and I definitely feel that my CAD skills are developing well! 

What do you think? 

Monday, 20 August 2012

FEATURE - see Kate Lynch's blog

So this weekend I was contacted by fellow textile graduate Kate Lynch via Twitter asking if I would be interested in featuring on her blog. I obviously jumped at the chance as her blog is gorgeous and its a great opportunity. 

Follow this link to Kate's blog to see the feature and have a nosey at her gorgeous design work!  

TRENDART internship

Earlier this summer, I took part in a 4-week internship with TRENDART SRL LIMITED at their studio in Como, Italy. It was such a brilliant experience and I learnt so much!
I produced a lot of hand-drawn imagery for the company to be put towards creating furnishing designs using the CAD programme, AVA. I produced work by hand drawing a variety of things; from trees and flowers to architecture, and animal skins to pieces of textiles. 

As seen above, a couple of my drawings have made it into designs already, which is fantastic and I had the chance to contribute towards repeat structure and colour for these.
I was keen to impress with my drawing skills and my confidence has certainly increased since being with the company. Creative Director, Victoria Glagoleva, is a very talented lady with an exceptional eye for those final details that finish drawings and designs off perfectly. Her faith in my skills and the way that my hand draws was great to hear and I hope to carry on experimenting to perfect my style.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Victoria and Managing Director, Carl Hudson for giving me the opportunity and looking after me so well, and I hope to work further with them in the future.

For more details about TRENDART SRL LIMITED, please use the following links:

Friday, 17 August 2012

NEW designs

A snippet of what I have been working on today, enjoy!

Please remember that the above images are © Sarah Fleming so please do not use under any circumstance without prior consent from Sarah Fleming

Monday, 13 August 2012


This weekend I enjoyed a lovely walk along the old fishing docks in my hometown of Hull!
The weather was gorgeous and there is some lovely scenery on the trail so I took the opportunity to take a few pictures...

 Eroding wooden beams

Trails meandering out to the River Humber
 Beautiful scenery, including the remains of a sunken ship

These beautiful images and the lovely tweet I received from the very talented Claire Baker, have set me on a mission to get drawing again ready to produce some exciting, new designs! :)

Watch this space!