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Delicate designs with an illustrative edge - highly detailed surface pattern and illustration, inspired by life and created with love. Sarah Fleming is a graduate of Cleveland College of Art & Design, where she studied Textiles and Surface Design, specialising in design for the home furnishings and greetings market. Inspired by the detail and beautiful patterns found in nature and her surroundings, Sarah is motivated to achieve beautiful, highly informative observational drawings. She showed an interest in Art from a very early age and has developed a great passion for Textiles and Surface Design. This huge passion spurs her on to work extremely hard, full of enthusiasm to create new and exciting design ideas. Sarah has developed a detailed, tight drawing style which helps her to achieve her beautiful observational drawings. However, she is also able to work in a very sketchy, illustrative style too - showing her as a very versatile designer, capable of adapting where relevant to confidently produce designs for both the commercial and more niche markets. For work enquiries please contact Sarah at sarahfleming11@hotmail.com

Monday, 2 September 2013


A couple of weeks ago I posted this Foxglove illustration over on my facebook and twitter pages.
I received some amazing feedback about it so I was eager to get to work using Photoshop to create a pattern with it.

Having done some research into past designs which use a similar Foxglove motif, they all seemed to be quite stylized and put into fairly simple repeats. So, I decided to take a similar route with this design and , as I do with most of my patterns, let the illustration do most of the work.
I love the detail I have managed to capture using the fineliner so I thought the design would benefit more from a simple layout and softer colour palette to allow the drawing itself to stand out.

During my time at university, I experimented with what I called an 'unfinished' look to my work.
It only came around by accident but is so effective! 
Usually discovered whilst playing around with design development pages where I experimented with colour and media or when I had left a drawing partially done and moved on to something else, it just adds that extra bit of interest to a design. Don't you think?...
Well, I wanted to bring a little touch of colour into the pattern above without overpowering the delicate lines of the flower so I set about trying to introduce this 'unfinished' look into the design, just adding spots of colour in the petals of the flowers.

Would love to hear what you think!

Sarah x 


  1. HI Sarah,

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love it even more with colour. I'm a big fan of line drawing with a limited colour palette or wash. I'm working on a sunflower linoprint and I was going to take this very same approach.

    I also like the way you describe this style as 'unfinished' - I have a few unfinished-finished pieces on my blog like this one: http://www.thebohopress.co.uk/illustration-friday/afterwards

    I'd love my studio papered with this print!!


  2. Hi Marie,

    Wow what a compliment to end your comment on, thank you so much!!
    I am so pleased to hear you like it after showing interest in my original drawing - glad I have done it justice. Sometimes I feel that the quality of drawings can be lost once played with in Photoshop, don't you think?

    I love the unfinished design you sent me the link to! As I mentioned in my blog post, it definitely adds that little bit more interest to a piece!
    Your blog is now bookmarked too, I look forward to keeping up with what you're creating!

    Sarah x