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Delicate designs with an illustrative edge - highly detailed surface pattern and illustration, inspired by life and created with love. Sarah Fleming is a graduate of Cleveland College of Art & Design, where she studied Textiles and Surface Design, specialising in design for the home furnishings and greetings market. Inspired by the detail and beautiful patterns found in nature and her surroundings, Sarah is motivated to achieve beautiful, highly informative observational drawings. She showed an interest in Art from a very early age and has developed a great passion for Textiles and Surface Design. This huge passion spurs her on to work extremely hard, full of enthusiasm to create new and exciting design ideas. Sarah has developed a detailed, tight drawing style which helps her to achieve her beautiful observational drawings. However, she is also able to work in a very sketchy, illustrative style too - showing her as a very versatile designer, capable of adapting where relevant to confidently produce designs for both the commercial and more niche markets. For work enquiries please contact Sarah at sarahfleming11@hotmail.com

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

'Tis the Season!...

...to be super busy in amongst all of the festive crazyness! 
haha :)

I'm not complaining though...being busy is a good thing!

The Farm Shop where I work part time becomes a little winter wonderland over the Christmas season; Santa in his Grotto, Christmas trees and all the decorations and LIVE REINDEER! So as you can imagine, it is super busy with families coming to visit and do a spot of Christmas shopping.

When I have not been working there,  I have been exhibiting at 6 different Christmas Fairs across East Yorkshire, which were all a great success.
It was the first opportunity for me to really let people see my design work and get first hand reactions to what I am doing. This was quite daunting but feedback has been nothing but positive, which is amazing! 

As ever, requests for wallpaper and fabrics with my designs on are growing so in the new year my main priority is to find a manufacturer so I can get the ball rolling with having some designs printed.
Seeing my designs as wallpaper and fabrics would be a dream come true!

So, I had better go make the most of this day off and get to it but don't forget I have lots of fantastic stocking fillers available via my facebook page...

Notebooks, Pocket Mirrors, Tote Bags, Notelets and Christmas Cards

Sarah x 

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